Kids Zone


Force Training – Are you one with the force?
(40 min program for 11 and under)
     • Force Levitation (Gravity stick)
     • Lightsaber Training
     • Balancing Center (tight-rope line on floor while balancing balloon on lightsaber)
     • Identification Quiz (Rebel or Empire)
     • Paper Craft make a Chewie or Yoda


Superhero Testing – What is your super power?
(40 min program for 11 and under)      • Participants get a invitation letter to Justice League
     • Nerf archery (Green Arrow)
     • Golden Lasso toss (Wonder Woman)
     • Mindreading (Professor X)
     • Fitness Test (challenges, Jumping jacks planks, etc)
     • Tracking Throw (Sticky Spider (spider tracker) thrown at target board)


Superhero Science
A Mad scientist discusses how superpowers work with hands on science
Hands on Science experiments (40 min program for 11 and under)
     • Weather Cloud in Bottle, Vortex Rings (Storm)
     • Light with Mirrors and Lasers (Invisible Girl, Cyclops)
     • Make your paper air rocket (Launch Superman to Earth)
     • Electrical (Static)