Cosplay Contest

What is COSPLAY?  A contraction of Costume Play – Cosplay is when fans wear costumes and accessories to represent their favorite characters from comics, movies, anime, gaming etc. It’s the ultimate form of fan expression – the art of representing 2 dimensional, fictional (or historical) characters in real time live action 3-D. And anyone who attended last year’s Nickel City Con witnessed first hand just how amazing the WNY Cosplay Community is.

Nickel City Con is proud to be working with the Superhero Alliance of WNY & the North Ridge Star Wars Fanforce to showcase Western New York’s Cosplayers and to help grow this community.  But why am I rambling on – a picture’s worth a thousand words so take & look and enjoy the images from last years con– but remember, these are only 2 dimensional images – its nothing like seeing it live & in person – or better yet, participating in a costume of your own making at this years Nickel City Con – you can even enter our free Cosplay Contests and win hundreds of dollars in prizes!!

Cosplay Contest Rules

Adult Contest (Ages 16 and older) – Saturday, May 20th at 5PM.  Register from 10AM to 4PM at the Cosplay Registration Booth

Kids Contest (Ages 3-15) – Sunday, May 21st at 2PM. Register from 10AM to 1PM at the Cosplay Registration Booth