How do I sign up to volunteer at Nickel City Con?

If you are interested in volunteering at Nickel City Con please email [email protected] for more information.

Is there an age limit to volunteer?

You can volunteer if you are 18 or older as of the first day of the convention.

What time commitment is there for volunteering at NCC?

Most daily commitments will be 4-6 hours per day, depending on how many shifts you sign up for.

What do I get for volunteering?

Each volunteer gets a volunteer t-shirt (to be worn while on duty), admission to the Con on the day they work, an additional free one day pass to the con, and a unique opportunity to be part of something wonderful. Additional perks may vary from year to year.

I want to volunteer but I have some physical limitations. What can I do?

Nickel City Con is a very inclusive group and we will make reasonable accommodations to address any special limitations you might have. When you complete your application, please let us know about any concerns you have and we will work with you on an individual basis. There are many positions that will allow you to sit, such as the volunteer services desk, which you might consider if, for example, you have trouble being on your feet for long periods of time.

If I’m working all day, when do I eat and get breaks?

Each area has a volunteer liaison. These liaisons will make sure that volunteers get needed breaks. There will be a designated Volunteer Break Room with light snacks just for volunteers and staff.

How can I make sure I get credit for the time I’ve volunteered?

Each day you volunteer, you will check in at the volunteer registration desk at the Convention Center at least an hour before your shift starts to receive your volunteer badge for the day (and t-shirt on your first day). You will clock in and out for your shifts with the Volunteer Services Liaison in your department. You need to clock in, ready to work, 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.

When will I find out my assignment?

When you register to volunteer, you will select up to three teams you want to work on. You will be assigned to a single team from that list based on area needs. Once that’s been determined, we’ll notify you that you can select the shifts you want to work.

Why shouldn’t I volunteer?

Don’t volunteer at Nickel City Con if you don’t have time. Volunteers pay their dues by working hard to serve thousands of guests each day of the Con. If you can’t commit to your volunteer schedule, or think volunteering will conflict with your favorite program or activity, you should pay for admission instead.

I live outside of Buffalo, Can I still volunteer?

Nickel City Con accepts volunteer applications from residents in the Western New York area only. In order to be well prepared, it is highly recommended that volunteers attend our orientation and training meetings. Out-of-state volunteers find it challenging to attend the trainings.

Who do I contact with additional questions about Volunteering for Nickel City Con?

If you have additional questions please email us at: [email protected]