The Art of Matt Flint

Born in Hornell, NY, Matt has been drawing since the age of two years old. He’s always admired many forms of art, especially western comic book and Japanese manga styles of art. Growing up in a small town, there wasn’t much access to these kinds of entertainment so he would rely on drawing to further the imaginative world in which he would see on pages.

During high school, Matt majored in Art and English courses, getting to attend some film classes to, and was introduced to many forms of artwork, including the game-changer, Digital Art. going through a few basic online tutorials but mostly just experimenting, he taught himself enough to create some finished pieces and moved onto Computer Art and Design at Alfred State College. After a few years there, Matt continued on to make Artwork a hobby, slightly tapping into the professional art world and testing the waters.

2011 saw a big year in Matt’s life when he moved to Syracuse, NY and was introduced to more elements of the comic book fandom and culture. After attending a few local comic book conventions he decided to pursue his dream of being a professional artist and making his impact and contributions to the comic community, fandom, and culture as well as the art world. November 2016 saw the end of the first successful year doing the convention circuit.