Jay Cook Art

Hi folks, I’m Jay Cook – A 30-something year old caricature artist, satirist and cartoonist with a beard, drawing cartoons and portraits since the 2nd grade.  Years later, in the 8th grade, I drew my first caricature of a fellow classmate and everyone loved it.  It landed me in In-School Suspension though since the entire class was more interested in my drawing than about the Capulets & Montagues’ personal problems.  I was seen as a distraction.  I would go on to set a national record for number of times suspended for drawing funny faces, that to my knowledge, is a record that still stands today.  I’ve been caricaturing ever since.

Today, I’m caricaturing professionally at Festivals & Conventions and do top quality private commissions.  You can order prints, original art and book me for events at my website. You may also see all of the artwork I’ve made over the years that my mother hasn’t burned yet.