The Core Team Comics

Jamie Colby was born August 28th, 1985. Jamie started the comics In Angola, New York in 1995. He is the Creator of The Core Team Comics. Since then he has worked hard to put it together and get the comics out to the world to share his dream and hard work. Currently he has 4 books out and working hard on getting more out, he has his books on Amazon and they have sold worldwide. Jamie has a team that is helping him see his dream to its full potential and his support team who believe in his vision as much as he does! Jamie wants to see The Core Team Comics go beyond just comic books, he has video games, movies, memorabilia, toys, and anime that he wants to see come of it!


Daryl Gruka was born March 18th, 1986. He is the co-creator of the Core Team Comics. He met Jamie in 2002 at Lake Shore High School. During lunch Jamie showed Daryl his drawings and the story lines he had put together. Daryl then started to show Jamie his sketches and it became a natural partnership after that. For 17 years he has been helping Jamie come up with plausible storylines, concept art, and character development. He has also undertaken any task that Jamie needed help with surrounding the comics. This company means a lot to Daryl, he wants to see the comics through as far as they are going to go!