Graham Nolan

Graham Nolan was a guest artist at our 2017 & 2018 Nickel City Con events. To see this year’s lineup, click here.


Graham Nolan is an Inkpot Award winning artist best known for his long run on Batman in Detective Comics and as the designer and co-creator of the iconic Batman villain – Bane. He recently returned to the character with the 12 issue maxi series Bane: Conquest once again working with writer and Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon.

Since 1983, Nolan has worked in the comic book industry for all the major publishers as a penciler, inker, writer and publisher as well as illustrating the syndicated newspaper strips, The Phantom and Rex Morgan, M.D. for King Features Syndicate.

He is also the creator of the graphic novel Monster Island, the web comic series Sunshine State, and the co-creator of the IDW horror adventure series Joe Frankenstein.

When he is not chained to the drawing board you will find him in his Jeep, down at the lake fishing.