Jeff Perdziak

Jeff has a very wide range in regards to his artistic abilities. Wildlife art, logo creation, t-shirt designs, children’s book illustrations, portraits, and comic book art. Anything creative Jeff jumps in with both feet!

Some of the wildlife art that Jeff creates is based on animals that are rescued by a WNY animal rehabilitation group called AWARE ( Association for Wild Animal Rehabilitation and Education ). They use some of the artwork and print them on t-shirts to raise money for the organization. Jeff also created the logo for AWARE.

Jeff is also a t-shirt designer. He has been designing t-shirts for over 10 years. He’s designed for people like the Rolling Stones, BB King, Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean which he received a double platinum album for the design work he contributed, and for Carrie Underwood. Jeff’s also done work for local organizations as well. Just recently he drew a baby duck for a t-shirt design for his grandson’s kindergarten class. Currently, Jeff’s work can be seen on the Deadlift Inc. T-shirts. Jeff does all the art for them.

Jeff is also a children’s book illustrator. He has 6 books out right now. Mubu the Morph is a series he illustrates. The series has 3 books out now all available online at their website. Jeff also illustrated Love without Words. Authored by Molly O’Malley Pitman. “Treasures” By Sarah Klaiber and “Olivia the Bully” by Angelic Everett.

Over the years Jeff has done several murals in the Clarence NY community where he lives. Several in private homes. Several at places of business which you can visit. One at Penny Lane Cafe in Clarence NY. A Beatles theme mural. Another at Sweet Charlottes in Clarence. A nature scene. And his largest mural to date…. the West Shore railroad mural at the Clarence Bowling Academy in Clarence NY. It’s an 18ft x 68ft painting of a train. If you drive down Main Street in Clarence near Salt road, you will most likely catch a glimpse of it.

Jeff does a lot of portrait commissions. Both of people and pets. Jeff is currently working on storyboards for a local movie.

There are many other projects Jeff works on with his abilities, but his favorite would be his comic book art. You can see his work on his Facebook page as well as his newly created “Fortress of Art” page on facebook.

So yeah… Jeff does art!!!