Manazine is a compilation graphic novel of stories from different local creators in the Buffalo area.  The book hopes to be a creative outlet that showcases the artwork and storytelling abilities of local artist.  The first issue will be released at the convention and the group hopes to release regular issues.  Artwork, prints, and sketch requests will also be available at the Manazine table from the artist that worked on the book.




Autumn McGee

Autumn is a Buffalo based illustrator currently finishing the final semester of her BFA in Illustration from Daemen College.  She is inspired by Jillian Tamaki, Kim Salt, Rebekkah Dunlap, Hellen Jo, and Rebecca Sugar.  She became greatly interested in creating comic books after reading Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson and realizing the medium wasn’t just all superheroes.  She enjoys working with Sumi ink and water colors and her favorite color is blue.  Autumn likes birds as she is also a bird.



Eric Keller

Eric is a Buffalo based artist with a BFA in Animation from Daemen College.  Eric is a fan of independent comics and he is inspired by Brandon Graham, Moebius, James Stokoe, James Jean, and Paul Pope.  Eric’s work focusing on the pain and tension between order and chaos and how moments of disorder and grief produce strong memories.  Eric works in both traditional and digital media.  His favorite color is vantablack, of which he is a co-creator.



Lucky Prak

Lucky is also a Buffalo based artist with a BFA in Animation from Daemen College.  Lucky is a fan of all things comic books and Sci-Fi movies.  His favorite artists are Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Frank Frazetta, and Mike Mignola.  Lucky has done freelance illustration for local and national advertising firms.  He works in both traditional and digital media.  He is also the co-host of a podcast about comic books and movies.  His favorite color is green, preferably olive drab.