Shad Nowicki

Artist Shad Nowicki lives and paints in Ellicottville N.Y..

How long have you been painting? “As long as I can remember. My earliest and biggest influences were comic books and sci-fi movies. Like with anything, I learned to paint by painting, and still am .It’s always been an evolving passion. Kind of a monster on my back, but a good one.”

Where do you get your ideas for your painting?

“If I get an idea or image in my head, or if I see something cool, I just put it down on canvas. I get inspired very easily, and I’ll paint that subject til i feel i’m done it justice. Painting tributes to my childhood heroes always makes me happy. l love doing commission work and that collaboration process as well.”

What is your favorite part about being an artist? “I’d say,the process and adventure of creating a painting. I like the feeling I get after I’ve signed the painting, step back and see it finally done. I’m always think that just hours ago, this was a blank canvas, and now it’s ..This! good or bad. I’m really into using only actual vintage comics, magazines and other media in my collage paintings. It makes every painting a little bit more unique and one of a kind.”

Any big plans in the near future? “Painting…. I’m very excited to be showing my artwork at Comic Con. I finally , truly feel at home as an artist. I love meeting new fans and have made some great friends. Because of the time it takes to create my paintings , and that I only sell the originals, I can only do a few exclusive shows a year. I definitely would like to do more in the future. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned!”