American Force Academy

Welcome to the A.F.A., American Force Academy, WNY’s first Light Saber school. The Academy was created to address the desire of many people who wished to learn more about Light Sabers and Light Saber Combatives. It was designed to include both a love of SiFi and a passion for the martial arts.

Here at the Academy we teach a collective and modernized system of saber combat influenced by many sword and weapon styles of the past. Some of these traditional arts include but are not limited to Western Fencing, the European Long Sword, Asian sword and stick fighting, and Modern Dueling Tactics. Only the best have been incorporated into the A.F.A. system. Furthermore aspects of Psychology, Bio-mechanics and Anatomy, Conditioning and Fitness, Physics, Meditation and Philosophy, have also been included.

The American Force Academy system is both practical and challenging to learn (With practice, patience, and perseverance). Here at the Academy you will learn the seven classical Light Saber Dulons, stances and footwork, parries and guards, stances, striking methods and maneuvers, flourishes, dueling, weapon variations, empty hand skills, and much more. The seven Dulons each contain their own philosophical theories and applications. These formulas are taught in a progression with specific drills and exercises to help the student develop the skills and understanding needed for Light Saber combat. The A.F.A. is a full contact martial discipline.

The art itself is evolving rapidly and today there are many traditional sword stylists who are beginning to take up the Light Saber. It is the goal of the Academy to provide a comprehensive system of Light Saber combat as well as have a lot of fun in our training. From all of us at the Academy, we all welcome you into this new expression. Casting new light on old traditions.

AFA Light Saber Training Class Schedule at NCC:

Friday 4-5pm
Saturday & Sunday 1-2pm
Rules and Guidelines
– Register on site in the Lightsaber Training Room
– Bring your own saber as they are not provided
– 18 years of age or older.
– Max of 50 people per class – No contact class