Art Of Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott Hebert is a Boston native, and one half of the “Hebert Brothers”; co-owners of the self-publishing comic studio, “HBComics.” In 2009, the brothers published their first title, “Lazerman”, with Christopher handling the art. Since then, their studio has produced over 20 independent comics, including art from industry professionals such as Billy Tucci, Chris Giarrusso, Mario Gully, and Ethan Van Sciver. Their published works include 9 issues of Lazerman, and five issues of “Vindication,” a title Christopher wrote and created. Chris serves as the “artistic director” of HBComics, and oversees art on all their books.

In early 2017, after 7 years of convention appearances with HBComics,  Chris decided to expand his convention schedule with solo convention appearances in order to widen the reach of HBComics, as well as introduce the comic book/convention going world to his own art. Chris now offers comic, Doctor Who, anime, and pop-culture related artwork, commission sketches, as well as the his work with HBComics.