Glenn White

Glenn White has a storied past with many accomplishments in the fields of Written works, Public Speaking engagements, Sports Entertainment, and even Television and Movies to name a few. Included below are some highlights of his carrier and life.

Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment

At an early age Glenn found a love for the world of wrestling which grew into a passion for the art of entertaining the people. Through a career that spanned over 10yrs, Glenn had preformed in approximately a dozen different companies along the East Coast of The United States and even in Canada which gained him such accomplishments as winning the Tag Team Championship, NY Championship, Hardcore Championship, and WrestleBlast TV Match of the Year 2006.

Here is a list of a few of the companies Glenn had spent time in as “Glamorous” Glenn Dillion:

OSPW – Old School Pro Wrestling (Buffalo, NY)

RCW – Rochester Championship Wrestling (Rochester, NY)

CWF – Carolina Wrestling Federation (Charlotte, NC)

NWA: Empire – National Wrestling Alliance (Niagara Falls, NY)

Ballpark Brawl – Coca Cola Field (Buffalo, NY)

WSS – Wrestling Super Show (Ontario, Canada)

PWA – Pro Wrestling Alliance (Fort Erie, Ont. Canada)




At a very young age Glenn was interested in the world of the supernatural and paranormal world since his first encounters with the ghostly side growing up in a very active haunted house in Hamburg, NY. During his constant search for answers he has again found himself in the spotlight speaking on his encounters, having his stories published in various forms of media, as well as giving demonstrations of working hand in hand with spirits and the tools used in Spiritualism and Metaphysics.

Below are a categorized listing of just SOME of Glenn’s accomplishments in each of the following platforms regarding mostly the paranormal and metaphysical:



The Journey Of A Wandering Soul (2011)

Spiritual Crossover: Paranormal Metaphysical Connection (2012)

Welcome To The Arnold (2015)

Welcome To Victory – The Sequel (Oct 2017)

Family Tradition (TBA)

The Journey Continues (TBA) Newspaper Articles:

Niagara Frontier Sports & Leisure (1999-2000) Co-Contributor

Buffalo News (2010-2014) *Mentioned in various articles

Art Voice Buffalo, NY (2010-2012) *Mentioned in various articles

Buffalo News Gusto (2010-2014) *Mentioned in various articles Contributing Author Online:

The Examiner (2010)

Paranormal Utopia (2010-2011)


As A Guest on over 15 different shows, here are just a few:

Paranormal I-Cons (Liveparanormal)

The Shadows Radio (Para-X)

Dark Sun Rising (Para-X)

Thresholds Radio (KGRA Radio)

The Haunted Buffalo (Para-X)

Spirited History (Para-X)

Edge of the Unknown (WECK)


Television and Movies

Glenn has had some success with both the big screen and small reaching millions of viewers worldwide. He has been seen as a pro-wrestler, actor, psychic-medium, and paranormal investigator with his list of achievements continually growing,


Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (Troma Films 2006)

Losing It (Def Tone Pictures TBA)



Paranormal Witness- The Hotel (Season 5 Episode 11)

Breaking Darkness – Ohio State Reformatory (Pilot)

Ghost Adventures- Rolling Hills Asylum (Season 4 Episode 2)

Ghost Lab- The Innocent (Season 2 Episode 8)

Beyond The Shadows- Varysburg Hotel (Season 2 Episode 7)\

WrestleBlast Tv- Various Episodes

Old School Pro Tv- Various Episodes

Appearances and Events

Lastly, Glenn has been asked as a guest to appear at over one hundred events in both the United States and Canada with a vast majority of these events requiring him to serve as a speaker or give a metaphysical demonstration to a large audience. Glenn has given key lectures which have been very popular regarding his experiences, haunted locations, and the ever intriguing talk on the truth behind the movies. As a psychic-medium Glenn conducts private readings, gallery readings, and demonstrations of physical mediumship such as table tipping.