The Illustronics of Flork McCormick

In the untamed wilds of CNY, Brandon Whipple was born.  Growing up, he had to learn quickly how to illustrate in this savage, draw or be drawn world.  When he came of age, he sought training atop The Great Mountain [RIT]. His skills were honed under the tutelage of the mountain’s paint goblins, surly pencil trolls, and mighty photoshop wizards.  He soon became powerful enough to summon classic monsters, hideous aliens, muscle-bound comic heroes, gargantuan-headed caricatures, and all the sci-fi who’s-its his imagination could conjure.  Born a maverick renegade; he now roams the countryside bringing joy to townspeople with his wares abound with eye gouging colors, obscure cultural references, and bizarre creatures that never were.  This is all true.