Joe Orsak

Joe Orsak was inspired at the age of eleven by the artwork of JOE SINNOTT in TREASURE CHEST and JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. In 1982 Orsak launched a comic strip in the newspapers of Syracuse, NY, THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN ‘CUSE. The strip ran weekly for eight years. Joe turned to sports comics in the 1990s, working on bios of MICKEY MANTLE, BROOKS ROBINSON and DUKE SNIDER for MAGNUM COMICS. These books gave Joe the chance to work with his inspiration… Orsak’s pencils were inked by Joe Sinnott! In 2001 Orsak was picked by his friend ROGER STERN to pencil and ink a two-page tale for the 9-11 tribute book 9-11 ARTISTS RESPOND for DARKHORSE. In 2008 he returned to comic strips with SALT CITY, another strip about his hometown, this time with a female superheroine, written by Douglas Brode. The comic strip drew the attention of people at MCFARLAND and Co., who asked Joe and Doug to launch their line of graphic novels. Joe and Doug created YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS the Myth of Emily Morgan and VIRGIN VAMPIRES for MCFARLAND.