N. Sullivan

Sullivan was born in Buffalo, NY. He began writing at 12 years old, and soon writing and storytelling became his obsession. After multiple “real” jobs from auto mechanic, janitor, and musician – including a short stint in health insurance – he finally decided his skill as a writer had progressed far enough to publish.  Fearing a traditional publishing house would ask him to soften his often gritty and darkly funny stories, Sullivan decided instead to form his own publishing company, 66 Underground.  Under this company he has published four novels: Nickel City, Maquis, A Man Out Of Time, and The Man From Darke County.

Sullivan takes much of his inspiration for the style of his writing from his time growing up in Buffalo and the people and places there, which he describes as “hard-working, tough, grimly determined, and dark humored; but also the most honestly kind and loyal people you will ever know.”  He also credits his Western New York roots and the influence of his parents for his strong work ethic and drive.

Currently N. Sullivan is writing two short story series, The Void Veil Chronicles and The Roycroft Mysteries and a novella, Kelsey Trace.  He is also producing a Youtube series about writing, In The Gutter.

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