Paul Massaro

Paul Massaro is a  self taught award winning Surrealitic Oil painter, Fantasy/Horror illustator, and Tattoo artist.  His worked has graced the pages of “Juxtapoz Magazine”, “American Art Collectors”, “the Journal of Creative Behavior”, CD covers, and just about every Tattoo magazine on the market, just to name a few.
Massaro works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pencil and mixed media. He also runs Buffalo’s oldest and extermely  popular Tattoo Studio,  Absolute Art located at 1126 Hertel Ave. (est. 1984). His studio is considered America’s first Custom only Tattoo shop, and is world renound for it’s dedication to one of a kind designs. The studio also houses an Art Gallery and Oddities shop.
Contact –
Paul Massaro, 1126 Hertel Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. 14216 (716) 876-1313