Terrible Lizard Comics

Artist and author D. Mark McElligott lives in Lockport, N.Y. with his daughter Jesse. He is known for being the youngest person on record to ever assume an alias.  He spends most of his time watching TV and thinking of ways to get out of doing any real work. Drawing from the time he could hold a pencil -his favorite subjects have always been Super Heroes and monsters. His novels have a sense of fantasy, sci-fi, humor and bad words, and are kind of hard to categorize. Mark is a member of the Visions art group; a local team of comic book creators who publish their work here in Western New York, and work with up and coming artists looking to break in to creating comic books. He always keeps a cryptic note in his pocket that simply says; “Pablo must die!”. Mr. McElligott’s long time friend and frequent relative, Amy Cocchiara, says; “He doesn’t even know a ‘Pablo’, he just carries that around so if he ever dies mysteriously it would seem even mysteriouser.” He can be contacted by e-mail; [email protected] or simply by tapping him on the shoulder (His hearing isn’t great).


Artist, writer, inker, animator, and YouTuber John Warren lives in  Niagara Falls, N.Y. He is one half of the creative team of DarkSpud, a comic, and YouTube animated series. DarkSpud answers the question, “what if Batman was a mentally challenged Potato?” He is the co-creator of Nuts N’ Bots, a comic series about a boy genius and his robot creations. He is also part of the Visions art group, a conglomerate of local artists and comic book creators from Western N.Y.
His work can be viewed on: www.terriblelizardcomics.com, or by searching Dark Spud on YouTube.