Chris Bartlett to Attend 2020 Nickel City Con!

Chris Bartlett is an American actor known for his numerous roles in the Star Wars universe. He was trained by original C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels in character performance for droids, and he has donned the iconic C-3PO gold & metal costume for more than 13 years and a dozen commercials, movie and television promotions, red carpets, and more, even portraying the protocol droid for the 88th annual Academy Awards in 2016.

Bartlett was the first actor ever to portray a Star Wars character on the Disney Channel when he portrayed C-3PO and performed his voice as well. When President Obama and his wife Michelle summoned C-3PO to the White House- it was Chris Bartlett in the costume who greeted the first family!

Chris Bartlett has also voiced C-3PO for the Disney amusement parks. His most recent work has been on the Disney flagship show and mega-hit The Mandalorian, where Bartlett has portrayed 3 unique characters: the mercenary droid Q9-0, also known as Zero, the insect headed RA-7 Droid, and the Kubaz Ferryman. Because of his improvisational acting performances on screen, he partnered with Disney Parks entertainment from 2010-2015 to pioneer interactive character experiences in the parks.

Bartlett has also worked on some incredible video game franchises including: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War, and Unreal Tournament. Chris is married to voice actress Rachel Bartlett and they have four children. Chris Bartlett will be a guest at Nickel City Con all three days May 15-17, 2020!

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