Community Beer Works

Community Beer Works is Buffalo, New York’s first nanobrewery. They began providing fresh, high quality, local beer in April 2012 and you can look for it at many of the better beer venues around Buffalo.

The founders of CBW all have roots in Buffalo and wanted their brewery to be an integral part of the city and the neighborhood their brewery is located in. They donate their spent grain to T Meadow Farms, disposing of it in an ecologically friendly, mutually beneficial manner.

Their goal is to foster a sense of community and place, enriching our hometown through the production of damn good beer.

“Embeer Buffalo” is the slogan of Community Beer Works.

Our motto. Our battle cry. Our goal is not only to succeed as a brewery, but to better the beer culture of Buffalo. Our city loves beer, and has the potential to be one of the premiere beer destinations in the country. Help make that happen. Embeer Buffalo.