Diamond Dallas Page

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As a three-time world champion professional wrestler he was called “The People’s Champion,” a competitor whose positive energy and sympathetic persona made him enduringly popular.  Today, Diamond Dallas Page brings the same enthusiasm to his work as an entrepreneur, health/fitness advocate, actor, producer, radio personality, author and inspirational speaker.

In 2011 Page launched DDP YOGA for non-yoga audiences including athletes like himself who had suffered years of injuries due to high-impact sports.  For the first 42 years of his life, Page was a guy who says he “wouldn’t be caught dead” doing yoga or anything like it.  However, after he ruptured two discs in his back during the height of his wrestling career, he became desperate to try anything.

With miraculous proof that yoga could, in fact, heal his body, and with the newfound mission to convince others like him, Page initially produced a 2005 book, YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys.  This eventually led to his development of DDP YOGA, which combines select elements of yoga, rehabilitative sports therapy, old school calisthenics and dynamic resistance to create a highly effective fitness program that strengthens the core, helps treat debilitating pain and burns fat.  Verifying its ascendant popularity, Men’s Journal published a story in 2014, “DDP YOGA Is Everywhere,” calling the program “practical and well thought-out,” while The New York Times ran an in-depth piece, “The Rise of Beefcake Yoga,” focused on DDP YOGA and Page’s goal to help people, including fellow wrestlers such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Driving the popularity of DDP YOGA is its appeal to real guys.  The program is currently used by more than 40 professional wrestlers, as well as MMA fighters, football players and war veterans, especially those with chronic pain who have long been addicted to prescription painkillers, drugs and alcohol.  Page’s passion for helping people is buoyed by innumerable success stories, from celebrities and regular folks alike, many chronicled on the DDP YOGA website, which offers a variety of DVD workouts, fitness apparel, mats and accessories.  Page has also launched the DDP YOGA NOW app, which is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Page has stretched his talents into film producing, serving as co-executive producer of a new documentary, The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts.  The project is an extension of his acting experience, itself an extension of his televised pro wrestling career.  To be seen in the upcoming independent film comedy Betting on Baker, Page has shown both his dramatic and comedic chops in such feature films as Ready to Rumble, Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror and Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. He also stars in the an upcoming Adi Shankar movie, Gods & Secrets.   On television his credits include “WWE Monday Night RAW,” episodic shows and specials such as the TNT telefilm “First Daughter,” and has appeared on game shows (“Hollywood Squares”), talk shows (“The Daily Show”) and reality shows (“Shark Tank”).

Born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and raised “on the Jersey shore,” Diamond Dallas Page (born Page Joseph Falkinburg) grew up a fan of wrestling, a high-energy child and a natural-born entertainer.  Though challenged academically by undiagnosed dyslexia, with his 6’4” size, strength and natural ability, he excelled in multiple sports, becoming a star basketball player  in high school and college.  He entered the nightclub business in the late 1970s and quickly established himself as one of South Florida’s leading club owners and promoters.  On a whim, Page sent a tape to the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance), one of the country’s premier professional wrestling organizations.  The AWA promoters recognized his gifts and quickly offered Page a contract to act as “manager” for their top stars, doing all the theatrical, over-the-top talking the job required.  With his long curly hair, conceited persona and ever-present “Diamond Dolls,” Diamond Dallas Page was a natural at performing for live audiences.

Committed to expanding his role, at age 35 Page entered World Championship Wrestling’s “Power Plant” and soon became the oldest rookie in pro wrestling history.  His strong work ethic, personal focus and determination enabled him to stay healthy enough to wrestle men half his age for years.  His ability to reinvent his character helped him sustain a successful career in pro wrestling, first for WCW, then World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). DDP captivated audiences and earned three world championships, known for his legendary matches with wrestling stars Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, and Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

Outside the ring, Page has been in demand as an inspirational speaker, conducting seminars in corporate and educational environments.  As an author, in addition to YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys, his autobiography Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story was published in 1999.  As part of his commitment to help others, Page regularly visits U.S. troops overseas, gives talks and DDP Yoga demonstrations to boys and girls clubs and youth sports camps across the U.S., and remains active with a literacy charity that he launched called Bang It Out For Books.

Diamond Dallas Page lives with his wife Brenda outside Atlanta and is the father of two daughters and two stepdaughters.