Evolution Comics Inc.

Arash Zandieh is the Creator and Owner of Evolution Comics Inc. and The Artist Club. He is known for his amazingly detailed Graphic Art Posters. He has been working the scene since 2016 while having the time to create his own energy drink line for his company.

Zandieh was credited in 2017 as an Executive Producer for a short film that featured The Last Dragon famed actor Taimak. The Short film was called “I’ve Seen Things (2017).”

That same year Zandieh was featured on a WWE’s video game webisode called Up Up Down Down.

In 2019, Zandieh’s Becky Lynch art piece was featured on WWE.com during WrestleMania Weekend.

Zandieh is currently working on several books with Tommy Castillo Studios, continuing his comic book series Chronicles of Mayre and ED DIE, a sequel to the webseries “Street Fighter: The Later Years” called “Street Fighter: The Reunion”, a full-length featured film with Taimak called “Master.”

Zandieh’s Comic-Con credits are: San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, C2E2, Planet Comic Con, Galaxy Con, Keystone Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, Mega Con, Wizard World, just to name a few.