Francis Manapul

Francis Manapul is a NEW YORK TIMES best seller and an award-winning artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada. He is currently illustrating DC’s flagship title, JUSTICE LEAGUE. He is best known for his work relaunching THE FLASH for DC Comic’s NEW 52 initiative, and following it up with the company’s namesake title, DETECTIVE COMICS. He then wrote and illustrated the DC Rebirth title, TRINITY which stars SUPERMAN, BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN. His past work includes SUPERMAN/BATMAN, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, ADVENTURE COMICS accompanied by his prolific career as a cover artist. He’s also worked for multiple publishers on titles such as TOMB RAIDER, SEPT GUERRIERES, G.I JOE, THE DARKNESS, and WITCHBLADE. In the past, Francis has also dabbled in the world of television as one of the main hosts on History Channel’s BEAST LENGENDS, which combined globetrotting adventures and challenging art projects. You can find him on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram @francis_manapul and on Twitter @francismanapul as well as his website