John Kassir

John Kassir was a guest at our 2018 Nickel City Con Horror Fest event. To see this year’s lineup, click here.


The Crypt Keeper is coming to the Con. John Kassir, best known for Tales from the Crypt (1989), Pete’s Dragon (2016), and The Three Stooges (2000) will be at Nickel City Con all 3 days.

During his career, Kassir has taken part in more than 80 projects in various genres from comedy to sound cartoons. In addition to working on the dubbing of cartoons, Kassir also portrayed many of the characters of computer games. In 1987, he voiced characters in the first commercial project The Legend Of Zelda for Nintendo, the most famous of these characters being Ray `Raymundo` Rocket in the game Rocket Power. He was also the Star Search $100,000 Comedy Champion who knocked out Sinbad & Rosie O’Donnell! Don’t mess with the Crypt Keeper.