Ron Marz

Ron Marz was a guest artist at our 2018 Nickel City Con event. To see this year’s lineup, click here.


Ron Marz has been writing comics for more than two decades, starting his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Thor for Marvel, Green Lantern and Superboy for DC Comics, Star Wars for Dark Horse, and as a staff writer for CrossGen Comics.

Among Marz’s more recent work is his historic run on Witchblade for Top Cow/Image, the Skylanders series for IDW, John Carter: Warlord of Mars for Dynamite, and The Protectors from Athlitacomics, working with former NFL player Israel Idonije. He is the Editor-in-Chief and Lead Writer for the revived Ominous Press, penning Dread Gods, Demi-God, and Beasts of the Black Hand. Marz is also the new writer on Fathom from Aspen Comics.

Marz’s creator-owned series include the all-ages tale Dragon Prince at Top Cow; the historical adventure Samurai: Heaven and Earth, and the science-fiction story Pantheon City, at Dark Horse; and the vampire tale Shinku at Image Comics. Marz and acclaimed artist Stjepan Sejic also have teamed for Ravine, a series of creator-owned fantasy graphic novels from Top Cow. Marz is also very proud of his most recent work editing the Ominous Press graphic novel Kicking Ice; an all-ages book about girls playing ice hockey written by Stephanie Phillips, drawn by Lee Moder, and colored by Marissa Louise; in partnership with the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).