The Teacher’s Desk to Hold Trading Card Drive at Nickel City Con

The Teacher’s Desk will be set up at Nickel City Con collecting old, used, or new trading cards for re-packaging for their special needs kids. All cards will be given to teachers to use for students in their classrooms in schools all over Western New York.

About The Teacher’s Desk

The Teacher’s Desk is the store where teachers shop free for books, school supplies and teacher resources for students in their classrooms. Its mission is to distribute free school supplies to students in need, to encourage teachers and to provide purpose through volunteerism.

Founder John Mika, retired autoworker, was working as a substitute teacher in urban and suburban Catholic schools and saw the difference in classroom supplies when comparing city to suburbs.  After a young boy at a Buffalo School ran up to John with a runny nose, he searched the teacher’s desk for a tissue and couldn’t find any.  He gave the boy his handkerchief and decided that every child deserved the same access to supplies, regardless of where they attended school.  John opened The Teacher’s Desk store in October, 2011 and together with a wonderful volunteer team has since distributed more than $10 million of product to teachers at schools in need throughout Western New York.  A box of facial tissue is the very first item each of the 5,000 teachers that will shop this school year receives for their students in need.

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  • Fantastic Frank March 4, 2017 @ 11:24am

    I am truly amazed that JOHN MIKA was able to set up a business known as The Teacher’s Desk and in 6 years he and his volunteers has been able to distribute more than $10 million dollars of product to teaches in need throughout Western New York.
    But that begs these questions : why are my school taxes so high in and why isn’t some of the money being proportioned to the teachers to help them get basic stuff like tissues (as I assumed it was!) ?
    And why is this even having to be done?
    why does the school districts require additional support from a volunteer group.. when I thought that the teachers were being taken care of by the local towns, counties, municipalities , and state and federal programs?
    I guess I am just ignorant!
    P.S. my heart and my hat go out to JON Mika though..

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